Today I have mainly been


You should use lube if you’re going to masturbate that furiously. Dread to think of the state of your pink Darth Vader…


Why would you want to?


If you worked a bit more often you wanking spanners would toughen up :roll_eyes:


Technically, them ain’t on yer fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:


can’t see much in the way of bones either.


A rum deal when a son of toil gets no sympathy.



Get yourself back into make-up and give them hell


Not so. Your depth of your plight has caused my glass eye to mist over with sympathy and a complete absence of sarcasm. I honestly don’t know how you will cope as it looks like both masturbation and golf may be tricky for the next week or so.


…fitting and aligning a new cartridge to my tonearm. Feckin’ stressful stuff and clearly a job for the trained professional. I was briefly tempted to ring @J_B for tips and pointers, but got there in the end.



Careful now

Seems alright for a rusty nail


Birding earlier then decided I couldn’t put off cutting the grass any longer.

Enter the old petrol lawnmower. No petrol in it, no oil in it, hasn’t been used for 2 years (used the Flymo last year) Put oil and petrol (2 stroke) in it, squirted a bit of WD-40 in random places and pulled the cord. Nothing. Fourth pull it spluttered, fifth it started!

Let it run for a few minutes and amazed to say it didn’t conk out and I managed to get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes with the Flymo. Result!


VERY nice, Olan :heart_eyes:


Indeed it is,

what SUT are you using Olan?


I love the way your deck blends into the unit


Arm look a bit high at the back :rofl:


Nice looking deck.


AN S3 into Allnic 1201.


I’ve no idea what any of that stuff is, but it looks nice.


Excellent, and you have still got an upgrade path to a Slagle Silver and a Coco San BTJ9000 :grin:

Seriously nice cartridge, an endgame component.



First impressions are great. Probably needs a little more faff to get it dialled in optimally, but it is fucking hard to see the stylus and cantilever to be sure everything is OK. Might run it with a little more weight too as 1.8g is teetering on the brink of mistracking. Happy to just listen for now though.


Definitely increase that. I used to track mine at 2.4g, it will improve things significantly IMO