Today I have mainly been




Buying an oven, failing to get my MacBook repaired and making jam.


I hope it’s an integrated one


It’s a cheap IKEA one. Cannot really afford anything too extravagant at the moment.




Paying people.

3 bees nests and one wasps nest killed off in my eves in my gaff. £240.

Guy painting my house found some fucked up wood in the roof and so now a roofer is in to fix that with some flashing and new wood. TBC

Painter £3.1K

Oh and I need an electrician to fix some fucked up shit.

Expensive week.



Somebody has to pay for their holidays.


Watching scaffolding go up around my house. Roofers, electricians, builders, plumbers, plasterers and painters are imminent. Either my wallet or I will be hospitalised before this is over. Sods law tells me that the minute the roofer takes the old roof off the weather will break and it’ll be feckin’ torrential.

Need to get this finished so I can get on and retire.

EDIT: The roofer has been on holiday for the last week. In June, the bell-end. This is when roofers ‘work’. Feck’s sake.



Spent from 17:00 to 19:00 watering the veg patch, Dahlias, bedding plants and general stuff.

It’s pissing down at the moment!


Surely you don’t begrudge them an itsy bitsy holiday :smiley:


Are you trolling me from the queue for your latest flight to the sun?


remember when we had our loft conversion done , the plasterers could not finish as the roofers were bouncing around on the roof for 6 weeks !! ah its great fun having all these things done …good luck !!


6 weeks?

FFS where do you live, Buckingham Palace?


Thankfully, the plan is to do the roof, guttering, downpipes and external painting and plastering and install various veluxes before we let any of the feckers loose indoors. The idiots who owned this place before us wallpapered (over the wallpaper on) the walls and ceilings, so it’ll be very messy and protracted to sort out. We’ll concentrate on doing the roof and the exterior during the sub-tropical glory of the Liverpool summer.


dealing with student module results day…


Fighting with SAGE…and it’s winning… :cry:


50 or 200?


You are quick. We haven’t even completed marking yet. Also, I’m not involved for the first time in decades so I am ignoring it all.


PSU(s) turned up from CPC just now. I ended up buying both sizes and a USB C cable to get it over the £8 “handing charge” limit. Still cost me less than one PSU from eBay.

Works perfectly.

And Dyson have lost a customer for life, partly for wanting £60 for something that costs £3.98 + VAT from CPC, and partly for having completely useless customer “support”. I later realised that the last communication from them (about 6.30 in the evening) was a generic palm-off so they could close the call and mark the query as having met whatever their internal SLAs are. Twats.

Thanks once again Graeme for the pointer.