Today I have mainly been


Dyson aren’t alone when it comes to PSU bullshit.

I’ve had to purchase PSUs for both our laptops recently. Both Samsung and Apple are a hilarious ripoff, wanting over £90 a go.

I bought generics in both cases. The Samsung generic is a bit scary, the Apple one is superb and about 10x better than Apple’s own design.


too quick, they have squeezed the year to get the graduation ceremony in. Students now have until 25th June for retakes.

We don’t run graduation in our own buildings, we use St Albans cathedral, but that means we have to work with their availability which includes the peak tourist season…

This afternoon we have the University garden party. I’ll go for an hour to play politics, and be patted on the back by the VC, and then head for the boozer!


Latest VAT update has made it into a total shower of shit basically…


Ruminating on the summoning of the entire department to a meeting on Monday morning. I fully expect us to be told that our work/jobs are being outsourced to India.

I am going to get pissed for the weekend.


ha ha … no it was because they used the smaller dreadnaught tiles rather than the bigger concrete ones . i am sure you know it takes rather a lot longer and the loft conversion involved 2 dormers both faced with dreadnaught tiles . also had to have the protruding joists wrapped in lead work . dread to think what it would cost now !!!


Wow bad news , it always makes me laugh when tom and alfred ring me from call centres in India


My policy has been to never attend a VC thing of this type. I am therefore unsuitable to be a HoD or Dean (there are other reasons obviously) and so it is all win.


All hands meeting == lots / everyone canned :poop:

edit: lots of / all minions. Management keep their jobs, of course, although it’s not entirely clear what / who they’re going to be managing.


That’s a new one :hushed:


yes they did an impressive job


Realising that I like Goldie.


Bracing myself for the brutal wallet beating that can only follow the errection of scaffolding around your house.

Also, having a sign that says ‘spa’ on the scaffolding will only lead to bad things…





For a couple of months



Shit, best of luck with that mate. After a few beers it will no longer be a problemo :smiley:





There can’t be many left now .