Today I have mainly been


Sorry to hear this. Good luck Gareth.






will you offer massage? at your spa?*




We offer two types of massage. For a very reasonable £50 the Traditional involves the visitor being beaten around the head and shoulders with a rusty hammer. On the other hand, The Surprise is exactly the same as The Traditional, except that the price is £75 and Big Hilda shouts ‘Surprise’ before setting about you with the hammer.

We look forward to your booking.


you do know we’ll be in Liverpool next month


If you knock I’m sure there will be more filling inn at the yellow spa than your dinner plate is used to


Watching Andy Hamilton’s stand up show. Very funny man with some excellent stories.


Sorry to hear that Gareth - we’ll keep you company in the pissed department :beers:


Cheers Allan, it’s not a done deal yet, and there is no point worrying about stuff I cannot control. Going to enjoy the weekend with my girls and sink a few late beers tonight. The comedy certainly helped lighten the mood!



^ This

Good luck, whatever happens


Good man - a thrash on the bike might help as well :beers:


Yup. Planned for Sunday morning :+1:


Pondering my recruitment abilities.

For 20 plus years I have managed to swerve any involvement with staff recruitment but recently had to take on the role. After countless hours of recruitment agencies, CVs and interviews I made my first appointment for a semi-senior role this week.

She e-mailed me last night to say she was “pleased to except the position”.

Going well so far…




You should stipulate they have to join here as part of the terms of employment. We will soon correct those grammar and spelling foilbles.


Became an uncle again today.
My little sister had a baby daughter after IVF. Her first child.

Not having kids myself it’s a little bit special for me. I know what she has been through to get to today’s news.

(Before I get too emotional I should point out my brother has three so I was already well loaded in the Bad Uncle stakes).





that lot must be costing a bit , we used to have a scaffolding company who emblazoned across the front


be grateful for spa !