Today I have mainly been


Gissajob mate, I can do that!


Tried out a new Italian cafe near home this morning. Small but perfectly formed (cafe, not me…) and run by real Italians.

Excellent Americano and home made croissant (OK, not really Italian !) filled with Nutella, all for £3.50, less 20% opening week discount. Gets my vote.


Attending the Ham Fete and tomorrow the Ham Polo Club v RAF team.


There was a nice feature on the Ealing club on R4 this morning. Did you used to go there Dave?


That would have cost you a tenner in Starbucks.


Yes I did but not often. It was small cramped and hot.
Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies etc. Jagger used to sing with Alexis if I remember. I preferred Troggs, Thursday night above the Six Bells Chelsea at that time. The Stones (Brian, Mick and Keith) lived across the road from me in the Worlds End Chelsea. That was about 1962.


Making bread & curdling lemon (& lime)

Hot & sunny down here this weekend (corresponding to last year’s Lopwell)

A warning, if it’s this warm in 3 weeks time it may be necessary to take on extra fluid.


Bouldering, cycling into town for lunch, fixing 2 punctures :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, cycling home. Now lounging hard.


I reckon there will be plenty of fluid intake…regardless of the weather! :smile:


Really .


Yes, really :+1:





I’ve ordered a few mini kegs from local brewery - Enville Ale - perfect sunny weather beer.


Looking at a house (probably not going to work for us) and mooching round the citadel at Blaye.


Sudden burst of energy directed to the garden. A Phormium planted in a sunny spot, plus 12 sunflower seedlings potted and caned.

I expect June to now be sunless.


Setting up a new phone.

(Moto G6 unsurprisingly)

I had to try to remember what my password was for this place - got there eventually.


Likewise. Cutting a monstrous Laurel hedge and then taking 13 sacks of clippings to the dump.
Now beer o’clock as a reward for my endeavours.


We’ve just had the garden landscaped which has well and truly emptied my wallet, and today I’ve been toured around garden centre/ nursery 1 of 6 to fill various new raised borders.

Based on today’s outlay which has filled 1/4 if these borders, I could have bought myself a new amplifier :moneybag::scream:


Setting up a little system in the back room where I can have the french windows open.

All the sources the modern audiophile could ever need.