Today I have mainly been


I blame that Monty fucking Don. I’m cajoled into dozing through it on a Sunday morning where all he seems to do is plant stuff from the garden centre. I haven’t got a smock jacket or brown corduroys. I just can’t hope to compete.


What amp?


remote controlled A30. aka A30R. Long overdue.


hasn`t he just got an obe or something?


wonderful , money well spent on landscaping i am sure !!!


I love mine, fantastic VFM.


No, I think it was an OBE.


Indeed. At first blush it seems very good vfm


Hanging out with @coco making adaptors for @AmDismal, well trying too/to/two/2/tu (delete as appropriate), took about five attempts as I kept chatting and making mistakes :smiley: got there in the end though.




What are you trying to plug him into ?



I shudder to think :open_mouth:


Unbalanced to balanced probably. Let’s hope they’re not gender changers.





What driver? I may need some plates for 2" throat JBL units soon.


It does seem that there’s a market



The Renkus, but I’m sure I could make something for the JBLs.


Lunch boxing


Looks a most excellent piece of kit, dude.


Were you actually airbrushing in the same room that your hifi/vinyl lives in?