Today I have mainly been




Braver than me, I’d hate to get any paint particles over my hifi, and my hifi is shit.


Open baffles, ofc.


The touch of cloth and I are now twins


You both have ginger fingers???


In Bristol today in Clifton and Baff tomorrows.


Mine need a scrub, twinnys a plaster


Golfing, Memorial day for an ex member, so a very social Texas Scramble.


Cool, I am excited. And now I need to make some discs and stuff, so the router is coming out next week :heart_eyes:


Chilling in the centre of escot maze while the winklepickersrun themselves ragged


Riding singletrack in the woods. Sweaty.


Liaising with mosque leaders as mixing sound for a very big wedding of friend sat which just happens to be just after Eid so about a 1000 or more will need to be out of the way before 12!!! Ah what fun as we share a small car park


Your posts often fascinate / intrigue me Phil.

You seem exceptionally community minded. What do you do as a job, if you don’t mind me asking ?

If you do mind, just tell me to do one, but I’d still be intrigued :smiley:


Thanks yes I am retired and help a lot in community projects on a voluntary basis


In which case, all power to you sir.


We’ve been exceptionally community minded the last couple of weeks - our neighbours bring round lovely tasty grub in the evening during Ramadan - and we eat the lot! oh yes… :grin:


Feck, your community mindedness knows no bounds.


Yes its rather wonderful really , really glad they do that . reminds you of that wonderful film with Clint Eastwood -gran torino


thanks i know there are several on here who do likewise , i have come down with a bump recently as i spent several months helping someone renovate their place who had rubbish up to your waist and had not slept in a bed for years . helped them at no cost just materials and they appeared very happy and then put in complaint about me on very minor thing …man that hurt like HELL , have not got over it yet . but hey thats mental health for you .


Please don’t let it deter you. Mental health will always present those sorts of problems.