Today I have mainly been


thanks yes , thank God there were other folks there to witness what i did and stand up for me


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Where ? and why is it deserted ?


Clacton That’s why


Clacton and then Walton on Naze - it wasn’t entirely warm which is why we guessed it was quiet. The pier was a bit busy.


Ah, nuff said.


Commer Commer Commer Commer Commer chameleon.



Brilliant !


Update: we have chosen an outsourcing partner, but not even signed a contract yet. The next 3 weeks will be spent identifying the roles/people in scope and giving them the news.



Fuck. Hopefully you will either (i) be paid off handsomely and walk into a better job after an excellent holiday or (ii) be retained and rewarded for your loyalty with a hefty pay rise.


(iii) Thanked sincerely and told to “Fuck off”


Providing general garden labour for Hel as we plant the fuck tonne of tropical plants in raised border 1 of 4.


Painting a bedroom ceiling. My bro and his family land from the States in 3 weeks for a visit. Mrs VB is hoping that the whole house will have been redecorated, or at least washed, by then. Lopwell is only surviving because, believe it or not, we also have a long weekend trip planned with her brother between now and then.



Three options;

  1. Stay with the organisation that wants to remove your department to a 3rd party and then get frustrated that strangely the 3rd party fucks up more than the internal people did and you take the responsibility. Much more administration to get simple things done.
  2. Move to the outsourcer, where 1:3 will be removed from that contract within 18 months, so you will be doing 50% more work for the same money and being charged out at 3 times your income. Will probably move your office to somewhere where they have a small space and squeeze you in.
  3. Take the money and have the ball ache of getting a new role. Probably get a pay rise and a better environment.

Been through this twice, 1st time with option 1 and second with option 3.


I’ve also done option 3 before. I think I’m just hanging on for maximum payout (which won’t be very much). The outsourcing company has no office in Bristol, so option 2 is not going to happen. I also have experience of option 1 where the work was outsourced and I ended up managing remotely. That was 10+ years ago and my balls still ache when I think about it.


The curdsman only knocks once… fortunately I was in … 2018 is a superb vintage. So zesty I’m not certain napping is possible


I have come to the conclusion that I much prefer orange based curd to its lemon cousin. I love lemon in dressings etc. but I think possibly the cooking process changes the taste and somehow puts me off.


Zest taming via the Schumann resonator afforded the flavor with almost otherworldly zing. Rather like being struck in the mouth by kind lightening.


is that like tonguing a PP3?


In the mind garden my sex robot is called PP3