Today I have mainly been


I’m in Cambridge to deliver a presentation on testing in F# to a user group.


This one is 4 lemons & 1 lime. But the cooking is so gentle (ie in a bowl suspended over boiling water) that I don’t think anything is spoiled. That said other fruit curds (including orange) must also be explored this year.


Stop by on the way home, for a drink, and a listen, to ready you for the drive home.


Normally i’d take you up on the offer but i’ve got a 6am start tomorrow. :frowning:


I made both lemon curd and one with mostly orange and a spot of lemon and lime in. I don’t think it’s a matter of anything spoiling in the warming, but there are likely to be some chemical changes still.

May have to dig out McGee and see if he has anything to say on the subject.


Trying to update my CV while several fuckers expect me to do work for them. Cunts.


I can see a sick day.coming.


At least one day. Probably some sort of catastrophic diahorrea episode…


Will the curdsman be visiting Lopwell? :crossed_fingers:


What is so special about F sharp? Is it superior to other chords?


It can have a lot of notes in it. Wait 'til she really gets going



Wow, that was mesmerising and astonishing, thanks for posting it. :grin:


I have a few things to do in the week running up to Lopwell & curdling & making the bread to go with it are among them.


Me too, I’m wondering where I’m gonna find time to make a beef bourgignon for friday


Guy are we gonna make some pizza dough for sat ??

I was thinking of making a batch of sourdough pitta for sat then it can go with the barbeque


wrong place


Trying to capture a mirror finish platter and Red / jade pearl finish…Nearly impossible


You almost need to have something being reflected in it to show it’s reflective.