Today I have mainly been


And more jewellery than Bobby George. :slight_smile:


Use stronzettos glue bag


Would a black background be better?


It would look black, tried all sorts today. As close as I ever want to come to manual labor, napping was interfered with too - Vile.


Sounds awful,thoughts and prayers sent at this worrisome time.




Needs something like venetian blinds or some kind of grid in the relection.


…getting used to a new pair of glasses. My prescription changed a fair bit so I now have the new glasses lingering headache thing going on. On the other hand, I can see far more clearly now.


Has the rain gone?


Why not have a mirror in the background? Then you’d see both sides.


Why not give it some texture with some wire wool so you can discern the contrast


Give up and do something else - you know you want to :slightly_smiling_face:


Falling on my sword, writing out my resignation letter and mourning the loss of two family members this week. Life’s a fucking gas.


Oh shit. Sorry to hear that mate.


Sorry to hear that


Shit news always seems to come in threes. Hopefully better things are on the horizon…


All the best, hope life improves soon.


Bad news Paul, sorry to hear that mate.


Bugger, sorry to hear that.


Tough week, head up