Today I have mainly been


Yeah, three unconnected eventualities choreographed by fate to create a week of self pity. Must pull myself together. Seriously though thanks for all the words of support everyone, it genuinely does make me feel better. :flushed::+1:


Sorry to hear of your troubles Paul - chin up!

Cosmic balance dictates that next week you will be kidnapped by a bus full of cheerleaders :+1:


Sorry to hear of your woes -Chin up




Sorry to hear life is such a mare at the moment Paul. I’m sure things will get better soon.


Sounds like a bloody awful week Paul. Hope life looks up for you soon mate.


Echo the above sentiments.


Sorry to hear Paul, I hope things improve. :crossed_fingers::+1:


Taking lessons from an acting coach*


*it was actually really good.


Have you picked up any tips for how not to be a cunt? I could use them.


You really could. :+1:


It’s all method, just feel like a cunt and then start acting like one no one will be able to tell the difference


It is indeed mostly method, the key being to hang around other cunts so their cuntishness will rub off on you (cue Kenneth Williams).

This is the real reason Lopwell is oversubscribed.


They’re acting lessons, so you learn how not to act like a cunt despite being one.

TBH I think it’s a level above where you are right now.


I’m still a novice. I’m certainly not in Pete’s class!


That is just a small part of it. They say if you want to be a millionaire then you should surround yourself with millionaires… the same principle applies to cunts. A service the AA provides.

Never knowingly undercunted.


Stick around here for the depth and the warmth.


At dinner this evening, my daughter asked us what the c-word was.

I told her it was Corbyn.




Sorry to hear that Paul - it’s been a shitty year so far in so many ways.