Tools you have bought/desire


This arrived today.

A 5 and a half Record jack plane. 'Kin love vintage tools.


Looks in lovely nick.


It has some battle scars which add to the charm, but yes it is a nice one, I’ll be able to clean it up further.
Significantly more substantial than my No4 smoother, will be a proper workout.


Another delivery, the DHL driver wasn’t happy about carrying it to the door…

A cleaned up and painted Record 52-1/2 E vice - 9" with quick release. It is an absolute beast. Unless I can somehow incorporate the trolly jack safely into the process, it will be a 2 man job to install, it must be between 15 and 20kg

20180919_200334 20180919_200403 20180919_193028


I have a 52E one - Only 7"

I can boast it’s extended to 10 -1/2" in nice wood and it has dogs


Is your vice hung with recessed carriage bolts or screwed underneath coach screws?
I need to decide to best to install. 4 x M10 coach screws will do it but it is f’ing heavy so like the idea of bolts but not keen on holes in the bench top.
This is overkill tbh, 7" would have been fine.


Bolts. All day long mate.


You could always recess the heads of the bolts and plug the holes with matching wooden pellets…


Mine is bolts from top -It looks OK but I haven’t got OCD


Big bolts it is. Thanks chaps.



Paid a visit to today, only 30mins up the road.
Came away with a Gyokucho Razorsaw - (the blade is 0.3mm thick with 20tpi) and a wish list as long as my arm.

It cut through some test pieces in their demo area like a hot knife through butter.

Japanese Pull Saws for the win.



I have a few Japanese pull saws, they’re fabulous things, I barely use a Western saw any more.

Be careful with the blade. Gyokucho blades are very easily broken.


Thanks I’ll take good care of it. The learning curve was about 10 seconds and I was sold on the principle.


Your loyalty has been noted, come Brexit you’ll be dealt with :wink:


The rip saws are amazing


Some of my Japanese saws. The two on the left are a few years old, but they just seem to last for ages.


Foo saws! FTW.


Wifey broke mine in two…


Nice! What type of work do you use them for?

I plan on teaching myself the basics of fine woodworking, dovetails an’ that.