Top Albums of 2017

Laura Marling - Semper Femina

Imelda May - Life Love Flesh Blood


Ryan Adams - Prisoner

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+1 for Imelda May, listened to that last night and it’s a great mix of styles, can’t remember a bad song on it.

Is it worth the £20 HMV are asking for it? I nearly bought it this morning!

I’d say so, it starts off quite slow and mellow and then gets a bit faster/rockier from half way in.

Have just noticed that vinyl is 11 x tracks but Tidal has 15 x tracks (same as Deluxe CD)
Can’t find a deluxe vinyl version though :frowning:

I’ve quite enjoyed some of the new wave of R&B / Soul releases this year. Nothing to erect the hairs but some interesting sounds nonetheless

Sampha - “Progress”. Has a few nice moments …

As does Thundercat "Drunk"

As does, Jeb Loy Nichols "Country Hustle"

By a ‘country’ mile it has to be this. Just beautiful.



+1, [quote=“unclepuncle, post:8, topic:1528, full:true”]
By a ‘country’ mile it has to be this. Just beautiful.


Love this record.

I supported the new Lisa Knapp record and really looking forward to it.

Anyone tried the new Gorillaz record ?

Hang about, it’s May.

In January 1990 a music critic from one of the papers nominated ‘Swagger’ by The Blue Aeroplanes as album of the decade. He was right too.


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Other than the opening line Swagger was a huge disappointment.

I’m not sure that Swagger was even the best LP released in 1980. There are a bunch of obvious alternatives, Joy Division’s Closer being the first that crops to mind in the ‘alternative’ category.

It was 1990.

I haz da Munday fail…

Its Tuesday go back to bed


That last one was deliberate. You are a bunch of twats though…