Trafomatic Experience Mk2 300B Integrated valve amp

300B Trafomatic Experience Mk2 Integrated valve amp

Bought this ex-demo. Very good condition but there are some very minor marks. Volume remote control.

These now retail at £4250 in the UK. I have the original box (very very heavy), so collection please in Gloucester.

Or we can meet up. Amp is packed up safe in its wood crate ready to go, weighs 38kg. Post possible but will be expensive and risky.

The original sale of these includes EH 300B’s but I’ve replaced them with a set of JJ which I found to sound better. Other tubes are the originals but I have some NOS types which I’ll sell for a good price with the amp if wanted.

The crucial coupling capacitors and caps to the 300B’s have been upgraded to excellent affect. Truly a superb sounding 300B amplifier.

8w per channel. Details can be found on Trafomatic’s website.

Coupling caps now Miflex copper in oil (in place of the Solen’s)
To 300B’s 100uF is now the Mundorf HV MLytic (amps now come standard with these caps), and the 1uF a Mundorf Supreme (in place of JFX).


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Sold :grinning: