Transfi terminator value - SOLD

Any ideas on second hand value for a terminator arm?
Need a rewire and the rubber grip on the vta adjuster has perished.

According to Hifi Shark, this one sold for £250

The one you describe is going to cost you a few bob to refurbish, so you judge.

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Hmm. Less than I hoped.

Ah, I didn’t realise you were selling it. I thought you were looking to buy one.

Yea selling.
Want to get a normal arm on the scheu.

Hello Andy, I am interested in the Terminator. I’m new here and dont know how to send pm … yet. Sorry

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Arm is already thanks, sorry.

For how much if I may ask?


don’t they retail about 600-800 used!?
However, what a bargain … too bad

Im not sure now, it was an older version and requires rewire.

Welcome Tom - stick around, you might like it :grinning:

200£ :tired_face: