Tribute Step Up Transformer SUT

Very difficult to get a nic 10:1 ratio step up but these tribute trannies are one of the best

I bought this a while ago when using Hana and dynavector carts but have moved on to lower output IKEda now so this isn’t getting used

Tim (spider) made me a lovely corian box reusing the original wiring plugs and copper top / back plate and plugs that I believe were made originally but Pete (Coco)

Fully copper insulated inside the box and silver wired in a small weighty box it’s a very nice little thing

The copper is aged and nicely worn which I prefer but I guess you could polish and varnish it if you were so inclined

Looking for £500 but offers and part exchange (records or R2R tapes or vc25 equivalent valves)


provisionally sold, thanks

I had a 10:1 Tribute SUT for a while.
It may even have been that one before it got a smart set of clothes
Pete put it in a plastic box at the time.
It was superb with a Shelter 901 I had at the time.
A very nice thing :+1:

think it was the same one Kevin - suspect pete put it in a wooden box with a copper top and back plate - I had some hum issues so Tim did a great job on a corian sided with copper top and back shielded with copper tape - its a nice thing defo but the slagle silver I replaced it with is betterer:)

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Darren - this particular Tribute SUT previously belonged to me. If you recall I sold it to you.
I bought the transformers direct from Tribute and Pete built the box and put it together.


Just an update for the purchasers of this SUT. I sealed the box completely and even sealed the lid to the box with the copper shielding, so if you remove the lid it will rip the copper shield and may reintroduce the hum issues. If you leave it as it is it will be fine.
Just thought it was worth a mention in case the new owner was curious and decided to take the lid off.
It’s a great SUT and has a reassuring weight to it now it’s rehoused in its corian box.

Full provenance established :grinning:

Hi guys

As it happens the hum wasn,t the suit (although rehousing did reduce the hum considerably)

Great to have the provenance thanks guys, was it copper, I presume it was?


Copper offers no magnetic screening (that’s what the mumetal cans in the transformers do). It does however screen RFI which can cause hum in some systems.