TT Wanted - Not the fecking car!

Looks like my Techy is either on the way out or will take a while to sort out so in the meantime I need to find something. Has anyone got anything suitable that I could / beg / borrow / steal / exchange for muffin vouchers before I head to Richer Sounds?
I bought the Techy 30 years ago and have seen no need to change since then so really don’t have a clue what to buy as a stop gap. Budget, I guess would be £3-400 for now. If things don’t work out for the Techy then I’ll have to up the stakes. But that will have to keep for now.

@Rick has a beautiful SL1210 mk5. I’ve seen it and it’s a fabulous example of the hard to find mk5 model.
Send him a not you mught be able to do a deal with him.

I have s Sony PS 6750 I am about to put up for sale.

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Location might help?

Oops! I’m in East Sussex

How much ?

What are you replacing it with ?

Come on Mike, I replaced it with this

The Sony doesn’t have the original dust cover, but I still have the hinges. I bought a cover from Plastic’s on Line which is included. 375 collected.


FS, of course you did. How could I forget that TT ? :heart_eyes:

Sony ? Hmmm !

I have pink envy.

Where in East Sussex? I can’t offer any help but I’m curious as I’m in East Sussex as well.