Tube Station Closures

Could the incidents in Paragraphs 5 & 6 be in any way related?

Most of the closures are due to Strayans lighting up charcoal barbies to do a couple of snags for lunch in the Oxford Circus area. Fucking liberties…:rage:


If it was me, I would be proud.

However, the Oxford Circus incident was 5 years ago (nice accuracy ES) and the smoke/heat detectors were moved as a result. No such issue has arisen since.

The episode at Sloane Square was sparked by customer’s fears not by incompetent staff. The Passenger Alarm on a train was pulled and before staff could investigate, a customer had rung 999 stating they had found a “concealed, suspicious device”. How would people expect the Met to react ?

The Evening Standard will always stick the boot into LUL.

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This we know to be true