Once again, apolgies fot the Hifi related post…

I’m searching for a new Turntable, in the region of £700.

Has anyone any experience with the following:

Denon DP3000 - I have been offered one (very good price), that has a speed issue. Looking online, these are either an easy fix (clean the speed pots, make sure the magnetic tape head is aligned) or its Circuit board issue and lots of components need replacing. Also I gather if the magnetic tape on the platter is damaged, its unobtanium?

Technics SL-150 - Seem to go for very cheap with an SME 3009II Imp as standard, I have found a SME 3009II (non-Imp) which I quite fancy as a better match for the AT33/PTGII. I did enjoy the Direct Drive nature of the Micro Seiki MR-711 it was just the sheer size of it, the SL-150 is a bit smaller.
There is a Technics SL1200GR for sale but I can’t get excited about it.

Main things are nothing massive, no seperate PSUs and no bouncy decks.

The 3009 is quite pretty if you like that sort of thing. The performance is quite rubbish though. Rewire helps a bit, but it is still not very good.

Had the SL-150 with SME 3009 in the mid 70s remember it being very good they worked very well together in fact SME sold the 150 at there factory Remember catching the train over to there to pick them both up.(did not drive at the time)

Well tempered reference?

No idea how rare or good this is, but in true aa fashion it’s over budget, but very pretty.

I have a Technics SL120 mk1 with a 3009 (and a spare Rega arm mount), also a Toshiba SR370 (not as good cosmetically, currently fitted with an Ultracraft AC30). Either would be easily in budget.
You are welcome to pop up and have a listen if you wish.

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I’ve been offered a Denon DP-60L, any thoughts?


Record players are far too popular now, everyone has got one, you can’t even bore you non hifi mates about them anymore.
I’d get a nice CD player, they sound great, CDs are really cheap at the minute (and shiny) and all your mates will be bored rigid within seconds as you explain the many virtues of swing arm lasers and 14bit DACS.


No idea on sounds, but I’d like to have one.

The flying saucer Denon’s are cool!:grinning:
The more the flying saucer shows, the cooler!

Can’t decide whether this is handsome or ugly.

Thanks guys, I’m all sorted now :slight_smile:


Too quick man! I love posting loads of crap!

I think it looks nice

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It does but going to be too big to go on my ikea cabinet.

Knock yourself out, crack on! :smiley:

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What did you go for ?

I found a Michell Tecnodec for what seemed a great price for the moment. I still have a plan for a DIY deck with the SME 3009II and hopefully the Denon DP-3000, that I can make a nice wooden plinth to size for…

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apologies for the scope creep suggestion but DP80 is for me the best of the ufo denon range, price/quality ratio is out of the park, easy to get fixed, looks great and just such a nice deck - had mine for years having tried a 6000 and I think a 3000 and its leagues apart but still well under £1k - the denon plinths are excellent too, I paid £35 for mine and i can;t imagine getting close to it for less than a grand if I got one built (looks nice too)

big denon fan here:)