Tweeter crossover

Can anyone tell me what effect a coil across the + and- of a tweeter has.

I would guess that if you put it in parallel with the tweeter you are going to change the filter freq

Essentially it forms a divider network with the cap in series. The coil has higher impedance with higher frequencies and cice versa so an AC current for a low frequency signal will go proportionally more through the coil rather than the tweeter. Net result is that the tweeter will only have higher frequency signals going through it.

Thanks i think that helps.

The formula I always remember from training was, (say it as a rhyme) :slight_smile:

“one over two pi root LC gives you the resonant frequency”

Formula for a high pass is (I think) one over 2 pi RC

It’s all very hazy now as it was 32 years ago :scream:

Actually just checking and you can use “R over 2 pi L” for an inductor

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A first order tweeter crossover is a capacitor in series. A second order adds an inductor (coil) across the tweeter. You can add further components for higher orders.


Thanks for all answers very helpful now have a better understanding .