Twitchers Revisited


We have seen fieldfares in our garden for the first time. Guess the snow has brought them in looking for food.


We had three of them this morning. They have stripped the cotoneaster of berries. Now the snow is melting, I doubt we’ll see them again!


Should have the read this first. Will keep an eye out for other unusual visitors


Another bake then Pete? :wink:


I spotted four new visitors yesterday.


Thinking of having one when work on house finished, maybe May. Would be good to get outside as well.



Fuckin’ size of that thing :flushed:

A small one of them swooped right over my head to fish while I was sitting on the beach at Broadford on the Isle of Skye years ago - absolutely fucking shat myself :joy:


Breakfast is served. Apologies for crappy phone pic


Tara would love to come over and see to that lot.


Fattening them up for dinner?


Louise said “ooh dinner” when I showed her the picture. It is noticeable she doesn’t say the same for the wood pigeons or squirrel that appear in our garden.


She needs to try them - both are delicious :+1:


I found squirrel a disappointment. It was a Grey, so an American that was fat and lacking taste.


Like Rabbit, they need a bit of time to age and careful cooking I reckon. Can be chewy-tough little buggers.


Best use of squirrel I found was to mince the fuckers and make them into burgers.


:+1: Casserole, stew, curry - long and slow - all good too.


we have had them both - I love pigeon. She finds them both too gamey


Got to be careful with squirrel… may contain nuts.



Does your carer know you’ve got the Institute’s laptop again?