Twitchers Revisited

Along with “I wish my wife was as dirty as this boat”

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The Hume’s Warbler is still here (for the 7th day) and despite the main body of Waxwings having passed through there’s still the odd one here and there.




How’s this for a shit blur!

We visited Dunotter castle near Aberdeen and this little fella seemed to be following us around!

A bad pic of a routine LBJ, but also Surreal-Bird-Encounter-of-the-Day: A Wren - in the cat-room.

“Not so surprising” I hear you say “the cat bought it in”.

Except the cat is an indoor cat nowadays, specifically to protect the birds, and has no access to the outside, the cat-flap is locked, and all the windows locked shut, the room’s access door is also shut at all times to ensure dogs and cat don’t meet (for lurcher reasons…).

How this poor, scared mite got in is, is completely beyond me! It is safely back outdoors now tho’!


Bravo for keeping the cat away from daily garden bird massacres. Wish more cat owners were as responsible as you!

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There isn’t one. Nor any kind of ventilator other than the roof one, which is clamped-down tight shut due to cold-weather reasons. Of all the rooms in the house it’s the one least-likely for wildlife to find its way into. ‘Tis a puzzle. As is the fact that the cat left it alone and wasn’t interested in it at-all - that’s VERY much not like her, the murtherin’ little sod!

The only possibility I can think of is it came-in through a hole in the walls of the house somewhere and somehow managed to follow the pipe-runs around the house - not get eaten by the resident rats - and emerged through the washing-machine cupboard in that room. It’s a journey worthy of Super Mario Bros, but the alternative is basically magic.

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Purple Sandpiper at Hamars Ness today



Living on crumbs at the moment, migrants all departed, Waxwings well and truly gone and nothing much in the way of sea ducks or divers, yet.

Distant Merlin


Pleased to see one of these in the garden over the weekend. First time for many a year.

Not my pic.