Twitchers Revisited





Point taken. :clown_face:


It’s far worse in harm than whaling and gets very little coverage.


Surprising that this and other similar campaigns haven’t gotten more traction.


Thanks. Signed and shared on Facebook.


Saw a green woodpecker up close this morning. I hadn’t realised how big they were compared to the black and white ones.
On Friday I had a barn owl fly quite close, again I hadn’t realised how big they were, especially when seen on the wing.


Temminck’s stint at Barnes wetlands.


Cetti’s warbler at WWT in Barnes.


Must have taken some time to develop the film. That bird was at Barnes on 8th May :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was going to buy an apartment there when they were being built, but my girlfriend at the time thought they were too small.





The number of new species still being found is quite remarkable. In the first 10 years of the new millennium alone, there were 50 new species described.


Continuing westerly air flows have hampered Autumn migration, so not many scarce or rare birds being found at the moment.

Still we always have the wintering birds to look at.

Golden Plovers now have their winter coats and blending in well with the surroundings (and a Dunlin in the foreground)

A Common Snipe also proving that camouflage is the best defence against predators.


just starting to sort out photos from our hols - and I remembered this taken on Skye


Lovely shot - Sparrowhawk or young Buzzard, or something else?


we thought Buzzard


looks a bit small to me, and too erect. @pmc will put us right.


Juvenile Common Buzzard IMO


You’ve convinced me :smiley: That’s what it is then.