Twitchers Revisited


He is a she …


Sorry - but is she called ‘your boat’ - I need to know.:laughing:


A55 has changed since I last went that way.


Australian King Parrot = escaped from captivity


Nope it was in its native habitat. There were kangaroos in the garden a bit earlier in the morning on the day I took that photo.


When you said Anglesea, I assumed you meant the Welsh one :roll_eyes:


Nope, just down the road fromTorquay and Lorne. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wtf is wrong with them, can’t they think of any original names :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Have a look at the abomination I posted in the Mince Pie thread. No further explanation is forthcoming or necessary.


I’ve seen it. I didn’t reply cos I am speechless :face_vomiting:





Out on Putney Common today, beautiful weather and a lot of birdlife around:


White farmyard goose who has lived down at the local reservoir for the last 3 or 4 years.

He/she is a real character and has the loudest squark you’ve ever heard.

NB: where he is standing should be about 1 foot deep with water but after the long dry spell the reservoir is about a quarter full. Need some serious rain / snow desperately.



Crying here


Estimated flock of 5 million Brambling recorded in Slovenia

Very large flocks of Bramblings are not uncommon in Slovenia but ‘mega flocks’ of this size are only recorded occasionally

Must be an amazing sight.


We could have used a few round here. After I’d taken 20lb of berries off my brambles the rest just went to waste. Whatever our birds are seemed to ignore them completely. Just as long as they aren’t inclined to poo purple stuff on everyone’s cars.



They’re more seed eaters really. The only birds I’ve seen eating a lot of brambles are Song Thrushes (becoming increasingly scarce) and Blackbirds.

As you say, it plays havoc with their deposits :grin: