Twitchers Revisited


I got a surprise earlier today - I was sitting in the back room having a cup of tea and there was an almighty bang against the patio door glass. I got up and looked outside and there was a small hawk on the ground clutching a pigeon. we get a few pigeons in our back garden because Ann puts out so much bird food.

Not sure what sort of hawk it was, but it was making short work of the pigeon, spent about five minutes plucking it with it’s beak then started ripping off and eating lumps of flesh.


Almost definitely a Sparrowhawk.


Definitely a Pigeon Hawk.


Shit photo taken through the kitchen window but first time I have had a long tailed tit in the garden.


Lovely birds. We have them in flocks around here.


Here’s another one for you…


we saw the first one for years a couple of weeks ago. They are rarities around here


Regular visitors here too.


10:35 this morning and the news came on to our whatsapp birding group that a Tengmalm’s Owl had been found in a garden in Bixter (Mainland) FUCK, no time to rush and catch the 10:50 ferry off island, so had to wait until 14:30 to get over to Yell. Quick drive down to the terminal at the south end and a ferry over to mainland.

35 minute drive to Bixter and…

Bingo! A stunning Tengmalm’s Owl roosting in a spruce tree

Yes it’s a poor photograph, yes it’s got a lot of foliage type stuff in the way, but bugger that, it’s the first record for Shetland since 1912 and a mega UK rarity.

People heading up from various parts of the UK as we speak, a few actually made it before dusk today. It’s going to be a busy garden tomorrow, providing it stays in the area.



Amazing Paul, must feel fab to have seen and recorded something so rare.


Searching pictures, the chicks immediately press play for my “There once was an ugly duckling…” earworm. :smile:


Ignore the BBC’s typically poorly researched and shoddy text, just concentrate on the photograph which puts mine to shame.


Obvious animatronic bird model is obvious



Goldfishing bird - what is it Paul?


A carp?


It’s a bird based Uber for fish.


Yes, looks like a crucian, but I was referring to the bird :smiley:




The perfect card for the discriminating birder?