Twitchers Revisited


where from?



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You need to swap out the right hand side with some of your best personal efforts





What is it?


Dartford Warbler




Mick Jagger?


Grey Wagtail.jpg by -DaveBailey1-


Was there just the one, or were there others around, Andy?

Oh, and where was it?


It was at RSPB Arne. We definitely saw three in a small area - I think there are meant to be around 70 pairs around the site. That might be optimistic. of note we also saw 15 spoonbills there.



Sounds like a good site, I’ve not been there. Spoonbills becoming increasingly common, I remember when it was a big deal to see one anywhere in the UK. They’ve just released the news that a pair bred on Orkney last year. Orkney ffs, that’s an amazing record.


Generally it seems large birds are making a comeback.
GW egrets, Cattle egrets cranes and storks seem much more frequent sightings than they were.


At 00:24 this morning Bewick’s Swan ‘BSB’ left WWT Slimbridge at 04:26 it cleared Wells-next-the-Sea and headed out to sea. At 13:15, 12 hours and 51 minutes later it arrived in Denmark.

A non-stop flight!


And a lot quicker than it takes Olán to fly to Dublin :grinning:


What’s the twitters general thoughts about about Golden Eagles being introduced int Snowdonia. It’s not going down a bundle round here with the farmers.

Bit like Corbyn in a