Twitchers Revisited


The farmers are the least of their worries. If it happens at all, the biggest persecutors of the reintroduced birds will be the driven game shooting estates, I promise you.

Golden Eagles were eradicated from Wales in the 19th century, I doubt that their reintroduction would be without its problems. By the way, it’s only a study at present, it is mid-way through a three-year scoping/research phase, so nowhere near being a done deal AFAIK.

I tentatively support the reintroduction of some at risk species as it can help to widen their range and increase the chances of that particular species to survive. When it is just to repopulate an area that they once lived in, I see no point in it whatsoever.

Golden eagle worldwide status is described as of least concern. Therefore IMHO leave it at that and forget a scheme which, at best, will be an exercise in inflating the egos of those responsible for it.


Saw two Wrens fighting in the garden earlier today. Found one dead later on.

Is this normal behaviour ?



Wrens are extremely territorial and aggressive (especially in the breeding season) and will attack other birds that attempt to nest in their territory, particularly other wrens. It’s not unusual.


I hope you all have Twitter accounts, because this is remarkable


Just wow!


Another one.

A White Stork’s nest was virtually destroyed during a squall in West Azerbaijan. The locals helped it to rebuild its nest. Incredible interaction between them and the bird.



Greedy bugger!



Great photo. Interesting to see it’s picked out only peanuts they are clever buggers.


Crows are very intelligent


I really need to get a video of the crows that overnight on the roofs at my work - there’s so many of them it’s like a more rowdy murmuration of starlings - what a brilliant racket they make :grinning:


The Ravens around here are beginning to get very vocal. Fantastic birds to watch with their amazing courtship flight displays


I pass a rookery on my commute. When they’re chatty, usually on the ride home from the office, they are bloody loud.


Around sunset it’s like something from Game Of Thrones :grinning:


I was told the way to tell whether they’re crows or rooks. One rook is a crow, lots of crows are rooks.


Ruby loves chasing birds, she has some weird obsession with seagulls, even the massive, aggressive, chip stealing ones. But she absolutely will not have anything at all to do with crows of any description, she gives them all a massively wide berth.

I can’t remember her having a bad experience with them, so I can only assume she instinctively sees them as harbingers of doom or something.


Two crows swooped in and grabbed a wrapped, sealed sandwich out of my mate’s golf buggy - opened the pack and then threw it in a puddle before eating it - I’m certain the puddle bit was to ensure the owner gave up trying to retrieve it. Bloody clever.


Case in point: how often do you see a squashed crow on the road?