Twitchers Revisited

Is this where we have a conversation about weasels and stoats?


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And, near and far :grin:


Lol, the BBC have finally found that out. It has been common knowledge for over 3 months, they really haven’t got the first clue.


Wow, you scrubbed that on up well. Lovely shot of a very fit bird.

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I’m just waiting for the follow-up to this…

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It’s a boy bird though

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Something similar (same?) was feeding on our nuts the other day

I suspect this may be of fairly limited interest, but it’s a very listenable account of the discovery of Britain’s first (and only) Snowy Owl breeding site.

In this Living World from 1974 Peter France headed up to Shetland to meet the late Bobby Tulloch, who was then working for the RSPB.

Bobby Tulloch himself rose to fame a few years before Living World visited as the finder of a snowy owl nest of Fetlar, the first ever substantiated record in Britain.


Rats, mega-mice etc.


Suspect they’ll still be around when we”re gone :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m reminded of the pigeons that have learnt that if they perch on street lights they can cover the photosensor on top, which then switches the lamp on and, if the weather’s cold, keeps them warm.



Ugh, winged rats. But I grudgingly admit, that is quite clever :slightly_smiling_face:

Bit of a shit pic was out on the northern islands of Scilly on a boat trip never expected to see a peregrine falcon watching the Atlantic.

Apologies for shite phone pic


They do breed on the islands, just a few pairs.

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Redpoll Nuthatch and Siskin all in the garden


Keep on runnin’…


Went for a ride with daughter along the Plymbridge trail today and stopped on one of the Viaducts where they have Volunteers keeping an eye on the peregrines that nest in the quarry face. Marley had a look through the telescope and eventually saw it after the chap explained what to look for. She was chuffed to bits and he went on to tell her all about them. Which she relayed to her mum when we got home. Whilst we were having our picnic not long after she spotted this in the tree a few feet from us. Only a robin but she was made up.