Twitchers Revisited


Haven’t thought of raptors in the “cute” category, but petite always appeals. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will be around the Richmond Park/ Wimbledon Common area next week for five days - Looking forward to a bit of spotting


Hopefully you will not bump into Bill Oddie…


Tis unlikely, Though we will be staying literally 400 metres from the common.


If you are hanging around Wimbledon Common after dusk you are more likely to bump into Odd Billy or Old Bill.


It may be worth checking/registering on this site


No apologies for posting another moving tribute to Tim Cleeves


What a loss,thanks.


Not a twitcher myself but we joined the Rspb a little while ago mostly for the kids as they love animals. Anyway yesterday went up to the exe estuary to one of their hides. It was ace, the kids loved the whole binoculars thing. And you’re out in the country walking, I could get into this, any tips to keep the kids as well as myself interested


Yes, buy a field guide and start to learn how to identify the common species. If there is an interest it will grow from there. I would recommend this one


Thanks paul


This is another good guide which will suit beginners and co-authored by Tim Cleeves

Try to get to a local reserve. They will learn a lot from other people that you will meet in the hides and see a greater concentration of different birds


Yes that’s what happened yesterday quite of lot of younger kids in the hide and the older twitchers were really tolerant when they got excited. There are quite a few hides locally.


Have you got anywhere to put a bird feeder, something like this?

Seed, fat balls, peanuts, water. If you put one near a window you will get lots of enjoyment. Be patient, they often take a while to arrive in mass.



OK. Now I’m starting to worry.

We all know they can’t be trusted



I like crows


There is a huge flock (murder) of crows that always appear at dusk where I work - will need to get a video of them it’s quite a sight and sound :+1:


Some of the portraits on here almost make me want to bin my cameras


\Don’t be daft Paul you’ve posted up stuff just as good.

Some very strange rankings but I guess I have different tastes to the the voters.


Great link and some stunning shots.

I know what you mean about giving up Paul but your photos are still excellent.