Two x 2nd gen iPads

I have two second generation iPads for sale, with the following spec:

1. 64GB WiFi + 3G (currently locked to Vodafone) SOLD
2. 16GB WiFi + 3G (currently locked to Vodafone)

Apart from the usual wear and tear of a tablet this age (namely scratches on the back), each one has the following additional decrepitude:

Ipad 1: crack in the screen which is in the bezel area, but doesn’t affect the the visible portion or give any operational problems.
Ipad 2: dent in the corner of aluminium case. The screen is unaffected.

Will provide USB charging cable and wall charger.

Original boxes available.

I would describe the battery condition of both as “excellent”. If you’re interested please check that the apps you fancy running on them work on the 2nd gen. Obviously they’re ideal as remotes etc, but they won’t for instance, run the Roon app.

Price is £50 each + postage

Backs are the same colour, but hey, photography.

Damage to number 1

Damage to number 2

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No. 1 pls Mark.

PM details and I’ll sort payment

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Can I do a non committal may be interested tyre kicker on the second?

Just asking my brother if he’s interested for one of his sprogs?

Unfortunately 12 year old with far too much money wants a shiny new one.

Understandable. These are of limited utility really.

16GB one still available, original box etc.

Work great as a device to run Spotify through though.

Thanks again Mark.

Do you have first hand knowledge of the Moon Mind app?

I’m interested if it’s still available.

I’ve just had a look on the App store and the App is there. I’ve used it on an iPad Mini and several different iPhones without issue. I know others have used BubbleUnp and similar Apps. The MiND app has TIDAL and Deezer built in.

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Well, you would say that when it’s still STP :smirk:

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It is the truth though. Fibbing about hi fi is a no-no.

I don’t suppose you have recovered from your battle with dengue fever yet. Careful it doesn’t flare up into full blown ebola. :smirk:

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No. I am still dying. AND back at work.

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I’ve told you before, stop trying to cheer me up.