Type 45 amps

Have got a hankling to try a 45 amp with the M7 (when it comes out of lockdown hell)

Was looking at the Yamamoto A-08s 45 power amp so has anyone heard one?

Am I being too optimistic that a 45 amp will work with the Direkts, they are 95dB and appear to be quite an easy drive with the border patrol though?

At 2Wpc I think you will be struggling

A friend of mine has the Yamamoto with Emission Labs 45’s, he also owns a Border Patrol SE300B and a David Wright 45 amp as well, he says he prefers the Yamamoto to both of them, he uses Lowthers in DIY cabs.

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45 will give you approx 1.6 to 1.8 watts, 2 Watts max if you screw it hard
2 way Direkt is about 92 dB per watt based on measurements on hifitest.de

Bugger, will give it a miss if they’re only 92dB :frowning:

Use it as an excuse to buy massive horns.

Try a Topping TP10.

Are you selling one? I’ve got loads of money at the moment as I was saving for an audio note step up but the bloke decided not to sell it in the end.


I got a pm today asking me if I’d sell the S9. :smile:


I thought that was not sold long ago? You still got it then or did you not buy it back?

Id rather not say.


I asked for dibs on not buying that ages ago so tell him to join the queue.:rage:

He seemed like a nice guy