Tyre question - noise

My car has 19" rims/tyres which are quite noisy compared to my last one which had 17".

Most tyres have a sound rating - my current Continentals are 72db. There are some Goodyear tyres available which are only 65db, which seems to be a lot quieter!

Thing is, the Goodyears are a Y speed rating with a 92y load rating, whereas my Contis are Z for speed and 96y for load.

Will it be ok to have slightly reduced speed and load ratings?

Y rated tyres are good upto 186 Mph, & 92 load is 630 kg per tyre.

So unless you drive a very heavy car very fast, you’ll be fine.

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You can get an MOT advisory if tyres fitted are an incorrect load for the car.
I know this because it happened to me a few years ago when I MOT’d a car I bought (that came with incorrect load tyres on the front, should have had Extra load tyres and it didn’t).
I guess it depends on how eagle eyed the tester is.
Reduced speed rating is OK, within reason.

(edit to add, just looked back at the car’s MOT history online and it’s there as an advisory back in 2012)


Ex Astra re-molds are thrilling


ANY tyre that has formerly been on an Astra is rarer than a double yoke Faberge egg. They’re usually stripped bare by raw acceleration at some point in their brief lives.


Jim, fwvliw take a look at Dunlop sport maxx, i bought 4 x 19" tyres for my mazda about 6 weeks ago, Very quiet 67db irrc and a decent price compared to other premium tyres. Still stings though compared to 17s.

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Have you tried closing the windows? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Turn the radio up

Cheers Graham, yes I changed from Contis to the Dunlop Sportmaxx on my last car. They were indeed 67db which was a decent reduction from 72db - they were a lot quieter. But, in the size I need (255x35x19) the Dunlops are 69db which is only a reduction of 3db. Whereas the Goodyear Asymmetric 2 are 65db.

The Goodyears are also run-flats as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Although I’m not averse to changing to non run-flats (as mention above, I did it on the last car) - it’s the db rating I’m more interested in.

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New tyres are always quieter and get noisy as the tread wears down (obviously).

They will be measured as new, who knows what happens as they start to wear, I’m sure there is some artistic licence being used with the tyre ratings system!

Why is it obvious Rob?

As the tyre wears the thickness of the tread and it’s sound insulating properties are reduced.
A lot of the noise a tyre makes is from the air being released from the tread as it roles.

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I have goodyear efficient grip fitted, they are quiet and hold the road well, 15000 miles on them and still going strong. Pleased with them. 68db noise rating. Will replace with the same when the time comes.

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