Ugh, estate agents

@akaYoda isn’t so bad mind

So the local EA with the best reputation is offering me 1%. Valuation booked for next Weds.

I would have more than 1 round to give you a valuation. And ask the question “why should I use you, instead of XYZ?” Then go with the one who you dislike the least (or the one you can work with)

Damned by faint praise. With that glowing endorsement I shall conquer the world.
Please note the exclusion in my T&C’s that I do not survey garages. :wink:


Also have a viewing next week of this potentially interesting property/ money pit -


The old “guide price” sucker punch.

Yeah, as if!

I had a sneak around the grounds yesterday. There’s no way its going for that!

£450k you say?


As co-owner of a moneypit - consider a non-moneypit at a higher price, cos the moneypit will cost you at least as much as somewhere that has already broken hearts and destroyed marriages…

I saw Kiddy and was like :grimacing:

Now I read Hartlebury I’m more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, its close to the rocket factory that isn’t there :wink:

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OK I’ve watched the slideshow now.

My unsolicited opinion is: absolutely shocking money pit, could be really fantastic, but for me above all else absolutely beautiful grounds. I like.

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If you look at the full particulars it says Guide Price - £300-400k so with the amount of interest it would generate then about £450k would be my guess too.

Hel’s first impressions were - ‘I could do wonders with that all that garden’, and ‘you and your records can go in the snug’

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Pics 30 and 31 look like a good 1.5 garage sized listening room.

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Some might try to fit a Porker in there (and be disappointed…)

I refer the gentleman to my earlier statement.
Nice house with lots of potential. £450K+
Spend £150K + on it.
In that location what is the max value that a nice up to the minute refurbished/ extended sympathetically, house will fetch? A developer of one house on the plot would be looking for £750K ish. Will the local market support that. In an OK but not exceptional location here that would go for over £800K and they would drop it and build from scratch looking for £1.5/2M final value.
You need to buy with your head or as Paul says there will be tears.

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If it were in Hartlebury Village then £800-900k would be possible for a nicely done refurb.

The attraction with this is the plot and the potential with the house, but I don’t see the market in that precise location (not a sought after road, rocket factory at the end of the cul de sac) means I doubt it would fetch much more than £650k if refurbed, so the buying price is pretty crucial.

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Are you looking to spin it or live in it?

Live in it.

That is in much worse nick than ours was. Only one bathroom*, probably needs an ensuite because reasons, a new roof, full rewire, new kitchen/diner across the back and and every surface refinished. If you see change out of £200K you’ll be doing very well. There’ll be 10K in skips and scaff before you really start.

Looks lovely and seems like a nice location. It is the kind of thing I buy every time.

*It has all the avocado though.