Ugh, estate agents

Don’t know the area but that looks a genuine good deal. A lot of people won’t look at properties with one bathroom.

Yep we thought it was fairly keenly priced. It’s situated at the other end of the town high street to where we are, tucked behind the churches that sit on Vale Road (which is named after local businessman Thomas Vale who had the house built for him in the late 1890s).

Claire has two brothers. Brother A and family decided that brother B’s place was lovely, so they moved next door but one.

Brother A now has local short notice dog- and child-care, brother B is somewhat less pleased with the outcome, and his wife even less so. I’d be fucking spitting feathers.


Unless you are formally their carer there is a minimum acceptable distance for siblings. My sister lives in Oxford (13 miles or so). I think that’s pretty much perfect and I suspect she does too.

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The miles need to be in triple figures for my family


I’ve always liked a decent stretch of open ocean between me and my family. Ditto for the in-laws now that I think of it…

Vaillant boiler. For that reason I’m out.


In your case about as extreme as it can get!

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What’s wrong with Valiant boilers?

Don’t get him started…


I suspect that agenda is precisely what sits behind this sudden ‘find a place in Stourport’ effort. They only live 8 miles away and that is plenty close enough for me.

When the sun shines on the weekend I tell Hel not to look at her phone as I can guarantee they’ll both be angling for any excuse to come over with their 3 brainless collies, to enjoy my cooking and general hospitality which ends in them staying over and then bang goes my weekend down time.

Now you’ve gone and done it.

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Just mute the thread for a day and put some tunes on. Stay calm.

The curtain needs to be raised fully before he brings out his vaudeville shit show…

It will arrive he just can’t resist

And vaillant are very good boilers been fitting them for years literally thousands of them

That is just asking for it…

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Fuck sake man is was a throwaway pointless quip.

Calm yersel doon you throbber.

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I confess, I side with Ginger on the boiler thing, based on the PoS that came with the house.