Ugh, estate agents

Me too. We finally got rid of our Vaillant after 15 years of unreliability (from new) with every significant part changed at least once. PoS. Never again.

I’ve only ever had Valiant boilers and never had a problem :slight_smile:

But glad I could contribute to someone’s eye-twitching Monday afternoon.

This has reminded me that it’s coming round to 12 months since I had to repair my own boiler, it’s also the longest period since new that it hasn’t lost fucking pressure :rage:


Oi, watch it. :frowning:

I will push those boundaries even further :+1:

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Hers not yours! Should have said brainless owner tbf.

She hasn’t trained them so all they do is bark at just about anything and everything.

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This has reminded me that I still haven’t sent you the fucking invoice.



You’ve certainly made my eye twitch but not in the way you thought.


Do you have my new address? :blush:

Cartridge Mangler
The Broadgate Tower,
Third Floor,
20 Primrose Street,



Worryingly they went back this morning for a second viewing :grimacing:

Fortunately BiL is so superficial he cannot stand the thought of buying a house that isn’t in basic monetary terms worth slightly more than that of his friends and close family (despite the fact it’s his wife with the actual money).

SiL is still keen to move to the area but as I pointed out, there’s only so many nice Victorian properties close to the town and that was among the best and priced very keenly.

BiL is muttering about waiting a couple of years - what he means is until someone dies so he can cash in and throw his expected inheritance at probably a house not as good but for more money :rofl:


The Vaillant boiler in our previous house was superb, never missed a beat in 7yrs we were there. The 5yr old worcester bosch in our current house was a total heap of shit, water leaks and repair bills each year. Replaced with an Ideal, not cheap but faultless so far.

:thinking: Me thinks though doth protest too much




Feck and damnation! Bloody autocorrect.

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Methinks thou are mistaken :smile:

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Details dear boy! It is all about the details. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Our Worcester lasted twenty years but it was plagued with problems and always leaked. I replaced ours with an Ideal four years ago and I thought it was cheap tbh. Mind you I bought it trade and my BiL did the change over so no British Gas pants down :rofl: