Unpopular opinions


Defenders Of The Faith tour kit. It kind of went downhill at that point (for me at least).


He looks like the Dotard in that shot


I like the new one, bought it and surprisingly like it.


Didn’t Stinggy Wingy admit that all that tantric stuff was a load of crap and that he was telling fibs all along? Sorry to spoil your ‘image’. :roll_eyes:


Wow. Sin After Sin never even charted in the US. Or was never released.

My personal favourite.


You’ll be telling me next you don’t have a pair of sissy pants.

You do in my mind Bob. You do in my mind.

Mauve with lacy trim.

Going to have a little lie down now.

I have changed my original spelling of Sissy as I believe I was initially incorrect. Carry on.


I still think Unleashed In The East is my fav, with Stained Class my fav studio LP.


You are a sick puppy, go stand in the corner and await your punishment.


Stop encouraging him


Sorry , been left on me own for a couple of days. It is all a bit wierd tbh.
Had a nice lie down and feel better now.


A lie down will make no feckin difference whatsoever…:stuck_out_tongue:


Jonathan Pie needs to stop now. Toss.


The pony has done it’s trick


If you all love Mumsnet so much, why don’t you fucking marry it.