Unpopular opinions


Must have been. is that the source of the missing crusts?


Actually the seat in my Volvo also goes quite far forward too. Close enough for my feet to reach the blocks on the pedals.



Oasis are not quite the best band in the world.
Even they play second fiddle to the mighty Coldplay.



You are discussing Coldplay. They are the bestest ever.



Oasis, or Coldplay being enjoyable to listen to is a clear sign you’ve fucked your system up and need to start afresh.


Coldplay are a work of commercial genius, basically the bastard offspring of Oasis and Radiohead.


Radiohead lite :man_facepalming:


Typing ‘How much do Oasis suck?’ into google is very informative. For instance the Urban Dictionary is nearly funny here. That lovely phrase ‘landfill indie’ was also conspicuous on seaching with a little more care.


Sorry about the rest of your post, it was getting in the way…:innocent:


Coldplay, second only to The Krankies play Gilbert and Sullivan.


Back to unpopular opinions…

Cunts that put OVOC under pics posted of the music they are listening to are er, cunts.


Quite right too, it should be Ovoc or you are being a shouty cunt. Otherwise:



You’re a pedantic twat sometimes. :roll_eyes:


Brace yourself for a new spate of one-upmanship with “OR2ROC” any time soon… :roll_eyes:


It’ll be the same 2 albums over and over.




Go on… What’s Ovoc?




No change there then…