Upgrade from Gyorbe

Ok. I’m unlikely to sell my Gyorbe as I do love the look of it. Plus it sounds good to me. It’s got the QC power supply, arm decoupling kit and densodamp so is well sorted. But, if I was to sell it and as a result had say £2 or £3k to spend what would provide a substantial upgrade?

I do like well tempered. I am wondering if I would need to spend more like £4k to get a significant upgrade. I’d keep my Moerch Up4 and my Zyx Airy 3.

Try something different, a PT Anni would work with the moerch.


PT Anni or Voyd?

Kuzma Stabi S


I got my SME 20/2 with SME V and a DVXX2 on PFM for not much more than your £4K budget. I think you would really need to be looking at something similar to get a ‘significant upgrade’ on the Gyorbe.

No much use with the Moerch though…


I was also thinking Avid, Kuzma or SME.

That’s what i was thinking.

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The guy I bought some kit off recently maybe selling his Verdier TT soon, no idea how it will be though.

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What are you expecting the new deck to offer over your existing one, or do you just fancy a change?

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I know nothing mind.

Looks lovely though.

I wouldn’t use a Moerch on an Anni. A Motus seems the obvious choice for something different from a Gyro/Orb.


Good call


I’m just chasing the dragon.



You DO know that you’ll never catch it, don’t you?


S/h Voyd or PT Anniversary.

New, I’d be looking at Kuzma.

Don’t think the Motus is in budget.

Well Tempered are good, but faffy.

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FWIW I changed from a Michell Orbe to a Nottingham Dais a few years ago and prefer the Dais. Dead easy to set up (none of this twisting springs lark) and reassuringly heavy too.

Which makes it the obvious recommendation


Technics SL1200G :slightly_smiling_face:

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Different direction, how about something from Transrotor?

Eg something like this -