URGENT Donations & Tickets - Lopwell 2024

                 **This may hurt a little but it's for your own good.** 

We need your bastard donations for the Lopwell raffle. You may imagine by remaining anonymous and or keeping schtum this does not apply to you - It does, it very much applies to you.

Here you are reading this fine forum that asks so little from you (Other than tolerance and bad taste) The reality is every penny raised in the raffle goes to running this shit show.

Imagine a life where this care in the middle aged hifi community disappeared. Where would you go? What would you do? Stop crying - THERE IS A SOLUTION ! Donate, be a winner not a wiener damn it all!.

So far the prizes are sadly looking above adequate:

@spacehopper has donated some nice AKG 702 open backed cans and other goodies

@MJ2 has donated most of the Sault LP’s. He sent 6, He can’t remember which ones.

@Kevin has promised a copy of Spiritual Jazz Vol 14

@Gyroscope has promised a rather fetching poster

@Myrman is donating a copy of Frank Sinatra on Mobile Fidelity (This was Chelsea Dave’s copy)

@TonyTheHat is donating a sealed copy of “The Smile A light for Attracting attention”

@mickbald is donating Daryl Hall - John Oaks 1975
Beauty on a Back Street 1977
Private Eyes 1981
H2O 1982

@Mickyricky is donating soap in the hope someone washes

shrink is donating Whisky

MonitorGold10 is donating Ray Charles (Not sure this is legal?)

Valvebloke is kindly donating a Sony Bluetooth speaker

BobC kindly donated a “Man’s Drawer” starter Kit"

Maureen is kindly donating: 2 x sets M8* Soundcare Superspikes, brand new (£60/set retail nowadays).
2 x MS HD Power Silver screened power cords, used for demos, (£110/ea retail)
1 x new Vinyl Passion dustbuster gel stylus cleaner (?£25 now) + 1 x 12mm spirit level, both new.
1 x Skmei watch you can see from Pluto.

Guy is donating a Tenuto and a very fine mug.

Add to this list (Not doing so is self harm and the wrong side of the cunt divide) Post below.

Donations can be brought with you on the day (if attending) or sent to me for fondling and distribution.

(Ticket sales will start next week in this fine thread)


Ahem I hope you’ve not blagged the other stuff :grinning:

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Hahah I’ve not opened the box yet but it’s safe (under my pillow)

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There is one thing in there you will most definitely like :+1:

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You are magnificent - More of this please !

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I have one of these for you.

I had totally forgotten.

Where do I send it?

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I have the Frank Sinatra LP that @Bullinachinashop offered up. Looks like I will need to post it. If you want me to send it to you pm me your details and I will get it sorted next week.


Cheers Nick, let me know postage costs and I’ll send over to you

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No worries Ross I’ll cover that.

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I offered a sealed copy of The Smile A light for Attracting attention. Let me know where to send it or I can just post direct to the winner if preferred. Saves a bit of carbon if it only needs to be posted once.


Are you reading this and thinking err I can’t be assed, fuck them, fuck that, I don’t need to, it’s a load of wank? All fine meatman thoughts when observing the world and it’s inhabitants but counter productive in this case. This directly effects you if you value this khazi. Unity of spirit pulled this thing together and it needs feeding - Listen to your guilt is is your guide.

You do have stuff in ‘that drawer’, you do have records you bought and thought ‘not quite my bag’ you do have man toys lying idle and unmolested. you do have stuff you’ve been meaning to sell but can’t quite be assed - Send them in to bask in the warm glow of philanthropy.


Hold my beer,

Daryl Hall and John Oates. All cleaned on the @Spider ultrasonic cleaner, in anti static sleeve and in good to vg nick.

Daryl Hall - John Oaks 1975
Beauty on a Back Street 1977
Private Eyes 1981
H2O 1982

Postage included to one address


Pm sent

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Does it need to be music related? I have a spare kidney…

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Anything that might raise a laugh or cause someone to buy a ticket is the general criteria

Don’t forget money can’t buy this Beauty ! Your skin will benefit tremendously from a wash with this ….Lynx isn’t the answer this is !


I had to use my Kimber XLR, but I’ll
Happily throw in a bottle of whisky if that’s of use


Here’s my contribution…