URGENT Donations & Tickets - Lopwell 2024

I’ll offer this Bluetooth speaker

Hi-Fi it ain’t but it makes a jolly enough noise on the windowsill or in the garden.

It was Claire’s. She bought it as a kitchen phone amp in the spring of 2022, just before all hell broke loose here. It hasn’t had much use and seems to work perfectly. I’ve got the box and paperwork and the charging lead, though they don’t come with a USB wall-wart. I’ll bring it to Lopwell or could post otherwise.



  • Please

Let me know where to send them and records incoming.

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This will break the bank,


Leonard Cohen
Poems 1956 - 1968

On its way to @Ruprecht tomorrow.


That’s another ticket for me

got a couple of records I’ll bring down, will take pics tonight. But the special will be a “Man’s Drawer” starter Kit" for the beginner, a cornucopia of barely useful stuff such as an ultra secure padlock with one key, an m32 bolt



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A random Allen key?

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Forgot to say - posted yesterday. Poster tube. Should be obvious.

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I feel like shit and can’t really be fucked posting stuff - is it OK to just bring it to Lopwell?

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I’m away for a week after being away for a week with a quick bit of Covid in the middle.

I’ll have a dig closer but it will be brought with me.

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No problem - bring “it” along (what dare I ask are you donating?)

Sounds cool please let me know what you turn up so I can add it to the list of donations so people can overspend on tickets :tickets:

2 x sets M8* Soundcare Superspikes, brand new (£60/set retail nowadays).
2 x MS HD Power Silver screened power cords, used for demos, (£110/ea retail)
1 x new Vinyl Passion dustbuster gel stylus cleaner (?£25 now) + 1 x 12mm spirit level, both new.
1 x Skmei old-git-readable digital watch.

*90% of equipment racks, floorstanders and standmount stands take this size; also good for decks, even amps &c.


Nicely played Maureen! Thank you

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It’s the weekend, a golden time to look in the cupboard of doom. Open the draw of no return. Venture into the loft. Navigate the shit pile in the garage and come up with something to donate to the raffle.

Why should you bother? = The AA love engine needs fuel.

This was kindly given to me by a wammer who some of you may know, Chris Bridgeman.

It’s a special limited edition in blue, marbled vinyl.
Only thing is it’s, well, lets be polite, not to my taste.
However I do remember someone on here posting that they were listening to something by Haxan Cloak which should hopefully deliver one ticket sale…


Ladies and gentlemen, It’s got to that stage in life where, with an expanding collection and a contracting mind, I’ve started to buy the same record twice.
These are not new, indeed were used when I bought them, but all are in good condition.

P.S. (I was surprised there were only three).
P.P.S. Some of you may be thinking “ah but there aren’t any ladies on here.”
Well fuck you, it’s the weekend and I’ll dress any damn way I please.



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Have a word with Stronzetto, who I believe will be pulling out the raffle tickets… :wink: