Useless items in cars


Richard Hammond


So you can quickly drop it down a cog and use engine braking as you would a manual. I use mine quite often. Saves riding the brake down a hill for example, or slowing down a bit towards a roundaboutbout you can see is clear.


Mahogany trim?


The cup holders in my poxy Audi. They are so far under the dash that you need to tip a cup to a 45 degree angle to get it in or out.

Also the “Audi Drive Select” button. Allows you to change driving mode from “Cuntish” (the default) to “Red-faced sales rep” or “Furious, shit-flinging baboon.” They all feel exactly the same, probably 'cos the car is a manual without the electronic suspension adjustment. Allegedly it changes the weight of the steering, but not so as you’d notice.


The BMW 3/4 series ones have a big cover over them, so if you use them, you hav ethis piece of useless plastic kicking about.


Indicators appear to pretty much useless in a lot of cars these days




Yes most use the power of telepathy now :thumbsup:


Wasn’t he the baddie in for your eyes only?


Electric steering is pretty useless, for the tiny improvement in mpg you lose most of the road feel through the wheel…

That’s progress for you…


Who is ‘stronzetto’ aimed at?

Nope, not mahogany trim/James Bond villain/auto shifter (assuming they’re in response to the picture.)

Look at the controls.


Always a good question, but hardly ever with a good answer…


Yep I hate it.


Electric steering, or progress in general? :laughing:


Both, back to the caves I say!


Boyfriend of Plenty O’Tool, iirc!


Wait until its all fly by wire…only a matter if time.


Stronzetto is the glue sniffing figment of imagination, of someone’s figment of imagination.


Rubbish! Next thing you’ll be telling us @A_Touch_of_Cloth’s bucket is allegorical or @Calmdown’s porker is a damning post-modern critique on the excesses of capitalism.

Pull the other one Matey!! Stronzetto for PM.



Won’t be too bad if you’re actually flying… :nerd_face: