Useless items in cars


Aiming stronzetro at anything is foolhardy. The little shyster can’t even cross the road. I wouldn’t recomend tangling with him, he is a champion specimen of misfortune.


Shush! Don’t tell him, Pike!


More complete useless shite in this car than I have seen for ages.


Flappy paddles are for cunts.

Might be alright if you are a racing driver, but you are not. You are a sad middle aged cunt who’s hope and dreams have come to shit. Mostly because yer a bit of a cunt.


Do you have flappy paddle envy sweetness? :thinking:


Flappy paddles on road cars are much like expensive lingerie on a pig.


I have a manual gearbox. I prefer them.


Denial is such an ugly thing.


You’re missing the point and need to focus on the important aspects of the car. It has a 6.6 litre twin turbo V12 - that’s all you need to know.


Like indicators and a switch to turn the fog lights off?


Touch-screen everything in cars: I fucking hate this - Sam’s V90 has a glass wall where controls should be, whose sole purpose is to hide all the functions I need, and to fail to respond to me touching little pictures of the things I want the fucker to do.

It’s lucky the damned car has a high degree of autonomy, cos otherwise I’d have probably long since totalled it looking for some means to turn off fucking “Womans Hour” on the radio… :rage:


Try the voice control. The one in our 7yo Volvo is one of the best I’ve used.


Can you program it to ignore the kids?


Great Scott man! That’s tantamount to suggesting I RTFM!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


what you want is 100s of buttons

plus the overhead ones…


This is what we want!


This is what i’ve got


Thank you for the opportunity, I feel special to just pretend to be behind the wheel :heart_eyes:



You can change down and use engine breaking rather than dragging the brake down hill and have the car in the correct gear as you enter and exit a roundabout rather than waiting for the gearbox to decide. My car knows when to go back to drive exactly when I want it to, so the transfer between paddle control and normal drive mode is seamless.
Paddles are excellent if you’re capable of using them properly. Driving using them all the time is missing the point and foolish.

Paddles aside. My car has a web brower and apps inc YouTube on its touch screen system, only works when the car is parked. At which point you use your phone anyway as its way quicker.


Will be doing rides around the Lopwell car park,£20 for 1 minute.