Useless items in cars


Sounds like good value as I would expect at least 50 laps in that time.


I think they’d have to be donuts


The interface in the Tesla makes me hard.


They are quite nice. Quite a few of the taxis at Schipol are Teslas. I would like a Tesla.


Rong. They are a solution to a problem that never existed and merely a marketing mans device for gouging money for something that need not exist only to make the owner feel special or differentiated.



They’re standard fit on a Boggo Honda civic.


Certainly the way the paddles worked in my BMW was great. Just click down to prep for overtaking or if you need a lower gear and after it’s done, reverts back to auto. With no need to take your hand of the wheel.


Yep same as my old mazda and current honda. Wouldn’t buy an auto without them now.


The fact that it can all be done without taking your hands off the wheel makes them vastly safer, and given the choice I’d have them for that reason alone


I used them a lot in the Boxster to change down a little earlier than the Doppelkupplung wanted to.


Yep, on my beemer, if you select “sport” on the adaptive suspension, it cuts out top (8th) gear on the auto box, but if you use the paddles, you can select it. Then you can cruise in top on the motorway with a less floaty ride.




On the contrary, “comfort” is too floaty above 60mph, but “sport” is perfect. no float, more control and very comfortable.


BMW driver admits car is a floater. Not that any of the rest of us would disagree…



The voice control in Mrs. B’s Jag completely fails to understand her when she tells it to ring ‘home’ yet it understands me every time. Never fails to crack me up!

On the other hand, Jim mentioned 8 speed gearboxes and that’s definitely something no car needs, unless you’re counting the total set of both high and low gears in an old Landy.

The 8 speed auto in the Jag XE we had foisted on us for a while was an utter heap of shit and spent more time either changing gears like it life depended on it, or being in the wrong gear than it did putting itself in the gear that you actually required. This race to fit as many gears as possible is bloody daft IMHO. Six is fine for a manual and 5 for an auto. Any more is just ridiculous…


I remember as a kid my Dad having a Ford Consul Mark II, It had a front bench seat and column change gear lever. it only had 4 gears, 3 forward and 1 reverse.


My father had one too, vacuum operated wipers were interesting :slight_smile:


The 8-speed in the beemer is a thing of beauty.


Eight speed auto in my Volvo is just great. I don’t think I’d ever go back to manual if every auto was as good.