Value check for charity shop

We’ve had an amp given to the charity shop today.

A Melos de-1 analogue amp - looks like a guitar amp.

eBay says £80.00 - vintage innit. Any idea on a realistic price?

If you search ebay by sold rather than open listings you find that they sell for about £50

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One of these?

and, this really is your man to ask @mickbald

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Not an amplifier I think, but a delay line. Its value will depend a) on the desires and resources of the guitarist who buys it and b) whether it’s bust or not.


That’s it!

Good point. I need to find a mate with knowledge to check.

At least it’s all electronic I think - there are no moving parts (e.g. tape cassette !) inside. If it’s chip-based though then getting spare parts for a bust one might be tricky.


At a minimum you can’t sell anything electrical without a P.A.T. Test. All charities are required to do this.
You should also always functionally test to the best of your ability.

Yes, I’ve been in all afternoon checking stuff works as well as I can. Everything is pat tested before sale.

I’m thinking of doing the pat testing myself if I can find a cheap tester and an online course.

Today I checked about 50 items for basics. For pat test each we pay £1.00. Some bits need 2 or more bits tested . So maybe worth a look.