Value of Ortofon Cadenza Black - body only?

Before the fire, I shared my tale of woe and general stupidity in pranging the stylus clean off my cartridge - well I’ve finally gotten round to talking to the insurance company about it, and they appear as if they will likely just settle the amount for a new one.

In the event that they leave me with the broken Cadenza, any idea what value this might have if I were to sell it?

Trade in value is £490 so you may be able to sell it for half that.

I also have a certain interest in this question, although still going through the motions with the insurance co…

Cheers dude.


Insurance company agreed to pay up full price of a new Cadenza Black today :slightly_smiling_face:


Result. Chuffed for you. How much do you want for the body? PM me, might be interested if I can find a cost effective fix. There are a number of options.

Might be able to do a part ex. on a number of LP’s I have duplicates / unwanted of.

My insurance company has referred my to three different companies so far and I’ve eventually ended up with a repair company who have asked me to pack the cart up and send it off to…Henley Designs. I must have spoken to about 8 people several times over, no wonder the cost of claims is unsustainable.

Anyway I’m guessing Henley will just say it’s a straight replace as new rather than a repair , but we’ll see.

In the meantime I’ve ordered a Hana SL - interested to see if it’s as good as the reviewers say.

I thought my insurance would go the same way and make me send the broken cart off and get an exchange, but after 2 days they came back and said no problem here’s the full value less your excess :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s quite a result, especially as you can flog the body too.

I’ve just set the Hana up - even though it’s not run in yet it’s really bloody good, in fact so good I might keep it and sell the Cadenza.

Every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

The Hana is a lovely thing for the price.

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Nice, result!

Is a very low hours, but broken suspension/cantilever AT-OC9ML worth anything?

You need to ask?


People buy all kinds of shite, if I got £50 I’d be over the moon. I seem to remember some crazy Russian guy wanting dead AT moving coils to make into something esoteric air thngy?

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What’s the best price you found the Hana SL for ?

£548, couldn’t find any discounts but didn’t look that hard tbh - the price has gone up over £100 since launch I presume because of popularity rather than exchange rates.

I wouldn’t spend my own money on one with a cantilever. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Yen was 180 & has been down to 130/£ since the Brexit vote. Currently 140, that’s still a substantial change. Not surprised by the price rise tbh.

Still a bargain I reckon.

I have the cheaper EL which i really like.

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