Valve base recommendations

I’m looking for good quality, reliable valve bases for a phono preamp project, and finding some of the stuff for sale on t’interweb is pretty variable in quality. This is my first valve project - can you guys with experience of building / repairing amps point me towards bases for the following types that will work well: Noval (B9A), Novar (ideally not just Magnoval - B9D?), Octal

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I should have added that they will be chassis mounted, not PCB. So - where do you buy your valve bases - are shock-proof bases worthwhile for signal valves - are ceramic bases a good idea?

Any advice gratefully received! If no-one can help, I will have to try the Other Place, which I didn’t want to do…

I recently bought 10 of these as I needed some for a project & they seem perfectly fine.

If your implementation is likely to be microphonic (ie high Gm valves in a phono circuit) then you may want to consider something with an element of de-coupling.

Weren’t Allnic making/selling bases mounted in a gel?

EDIT. They were but they only offer them in their own products now.

I made some supports once using Deflex (Sorbathane) pads which worked quite well in a DHT line stage I was playing with.

For the latest phono, I got some nice Teflon ones from eBay:

They seem to be very good quality.

That’s the chocolate muffin of valve bases. :+1:

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Thanks guys! We all like muffins…