Velvet Vortex Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Velvet Vortex ultra sonic cleaner - needs no introduction superb bit of kit. I’m only selling it as I need to get some work done and need some funds :cry: I’ve owned it for two years now and it’s in excellent condition - with all bits present and correct.

I’ve let Tim know so I wasn’t treading on his toes and he’s ok with me selling it on here.

I’ll throw in the two drying racks as well.

£200 plus postage unless you want to pick it up.


Yes please Allan, Glasgow is a bit of a trip from Suffolk so will need to be posted.

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Does it also come with a fryer basket?

No worries I still have the packaging it came in.

Yes the basket, lid etc is all there :+1:

PM me your address and I’ll get a quote for the postage.

I meant deep fat fryer basket! :grinning:

I’ll PM you now.

Apparently you are not accepting PMs at the moment.

:+1: :grinning:

Excellent, very clean chips!

Sorry should be ok hopefully


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