I have a pair of ls3/5as that will be going on ebay soon, the sides are fine, the tops have marks and one is missing a smallish strip of veneer.

Is it possible to get near a perfect match to the sides of 41 year old speakers if I got both tops done, and is it expensive

AstroTurf the tops


giphy (7)

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I would have thought that any work that was not tip-top would detract from value, and getting them done really well would not add as much to value as it cost.

Yes, sort of my thinking, probably best to sell as is

describe them as having slight foxing
sell for a premium
buy good speakers

I can’t see that you could get a veneer that would match that closely, so you’d need a French polisher who knew what they were doing. Could be worth getting a quote.

I’ve got some treatments that might cheer them up a bit. Not worth the cost of veneering on these (You will not get a match) - If you want to bring them over I can photograph for you which may help a little?


In the Jah-lab basement exotic studio?

Yes to both :slight_smile:

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The restorer on salvage hunters can do it for you.

I’m going to North Wales in 3 weeks time so if @Stu drives them up to me in Wigan before then I’ll be happy to drop them off for him. He’s a mate so I’ll only charge him for my diesel and he can have my time as a freebie.

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Sounds perfect.