Vintage Solid State Amplifer Servicing

I have a late seventies Denon PMA-850 that has had a dodgy left channel for a while, finally this evening I think it’s permanently dropped.

The unit needs a service anyhow, other minor issues that could be rectified at the same time.

Question is, where to send it?

Willing to travel, suggestions would be appreciated.

Is Mike powell still going? In bolton

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He’s done a few of these amps, so think I’ll be heading there if there isn’t anyone more local. Worth the 2hr drive for a safe pair of hands!

If it is broken anyway then post it.
Drive and collect it when it is fixed.

Saves a 2 hour drive!

There’s broken then there’s courier broken…

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Pack it properly then
If you are not comfortable dropping your parcel from one metre onto a concrete floor landing on a corner then you haven’t packed it well enough.
I have sent hundreds of parcels of fragile things through couriers with very few issues.

Good luck