Vinyl addiction madness

I am a bit drunk. Not pissed but in that state where inhibition is somewhat, erm, inhibited.

I was perusing Amazons vinyl store, and in the space of an hour or so, I added over £500 of records to my wishlist.

If I’d been slightly more in my cups, a fair proportion of that stuff would have been in my checkout basket… With the obvious resultant opprobrium and possible physical violence from Claire…

The real mad thing is, none of it is really that recent or rare. I could probably get all of it off music magpie on used CDs for less than £50…:flushed:

I need to rethink my priorities.

This is why I like digital.

Streaming is cheap. Downloads are comparatively cheap. And back catalogue CDs are pennies. And at the end of the day everything just sits in a small NAS enclosure in the office. Yes, I keep CDs, but only once they’ve been stripped of the case and stored the in the garage - they’re just backups.

I have no love for the whole “rare” collecting thing - hopefully I shook off the pack-rat need for ever-increasing amounts of possessions a while back.

Cheapskates :grinning:

One must also remember that a gentleman is more likely to get the best assistance when changing a record

I’m sure she would be indifferent to CD’s

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Walking my dogs yesterday…

Came across a couple, and had a chat. As I was about to walk off, the man said “got any old records you want to sell”?

It’s everywhere! Considering I was in a wood, and exchanged pleasantries, it shows just how much the fad has spread.

I’m not tempted. I’d maybe do a cheap player for the fun of it, but as above my cd library and hard drive source suits me fine!

I must be stark raving bonkers :sunglasses:

It would seem that I am certifiable

Addictions need rationalized justifications to work properly - Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Spending £500 will not change my life long term
  2. What greater lasting pleasure could I get for £500?
  3. Some of these will appreciate in value if well cared for
  4. What authentic piece of art that I love is worth less than £500?
  5. My bills are paid - I’ve worked hard - I love music - We could all die tomorrow.

Addiction also loves comparison to create denial

  1. My friend has 50,000 LPs - he’s nuts, I’m not that sick
  2. I once sold a 45 for £9K - (A handy personal yardstick which makes most purchases seem doable)
  3. It’s not that bad, some people spend all their money on Cars or holidays (Ad infinitely) that don’t last as long
  4. It’s a bargain price
  5. My collection is better than a pension fund

How to avoid / manage inner turmoil:

Under no circumstances have any ‘moments of clarity’, thoughts of one’s too many and 10,000 never enough should fuck straight off. All common sense (surrounding music) should kept fully at bay - uncommon sense is therefor to be fostered under the belief / goal of ‘individuality’. Avoid anyone who challenges your record purchasing behavior, importantly, only hang out with other record buyers or people who have their own issues they don’t want challenged and so in turn ‘respect’ yours.
Inner turmoil has a tendency to build a head of steam regardless of best efforts, you will know when your truly ‘passionate about music’ as the solution to the uncomfortable feeling will be to fix it with more records…


Thanks, there’s a couple of new ones there I can use.


You can reduce anything to this sort of argument.
One persons hobby looks like an unhealthy obsession to outsiders.

Everyone on here is guilty of justifying the ‘hobby’ whether it be the equipment or the money spent on music. 99% of people I work with would class anyone who has a hifi and music collection worth more £1k as nuts.

Just because someone spends more than you on vinyl does not make them any sicker than you are, it just means they have more money.

This is not always the case.


How about.

Just because someone spends more on vinyl than you do may mean that they are sicker than you, but it does not mean that you are not also sick.

You forgot comparison with other obsessions (e.g. MrsKettle has just sold a Thundercats toy on the bay for 40 quid) to make it seem reasonable.

Kev I was typing a bit of nonsense for fun but I can say I’ve know people loose marriages, houses and their minds over records.

And a woman at work just paid over £1K for a handbag.

I wonder what she thinks of people who spend £1000’s on a needle for a record player?


Madness. For that kind of money you can get a adequate cartridge.

Or a good suit.

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or an Astra


You can get a good suit FOR a cartridge. :grinning:

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